Celtic MossTM located in Erris Co Mayo, Ireland is a diversified horticulture moss production company supplying high quality sphagnum moss, mulch, lichen, topiary nursery products, celtic moss gift etc. related horticulture products to distributors, retail lawn, garden centres and wholesale growers across Europe Union especially in Netherland (Holland), Germany, France, the UK, Spain etc. Celtic Moss is the largest harvester and fabricator of long fibered sphagnum moss products in Ireland.












Celtic Moss (Erris, Co Mayo, IE) Operating successfully by Mr. Owen Goonan (Darling Buds of May & Flower School of Ireland) and exporting Sphagnum Moss, Lichen Moss, Moss Bushes etc to European union. The company today manufactures products from locally grown long fibered sphagnum moss; provides a full range of decorative mosses and plant soil covers. All Celtic Moss Company products are designed for both the professional grower and home gardener.

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Headquartered in Erris (Co Mayo), Ireland, in the beautiful landscape of West of Ireland which is very good for moss vegetation. The company's office, plant and moss warehouses are located near the sphagnum moss marshes in Erris Co Mayo, Ireland.

Celtic Sphagnum Moss in IrelandCeltic Moss has  its own harvesting operation and many dedicated moss farmers and moss contractors, the company harvests the sphagnum moss plant throughout its extensive sphagnum moss marshes.

Long fibered sphagnum moss is a perennial plant with unique water retention and anti-bacterial attributes which make it indispensable in the horticulture industry. Sphagnum moss is used extensively for such applications as seed germination, lining hanging baskets, air layering, orchid propagation, seedling transplanting, mulching gardens, and decorative soil coverings.

Celtic Moss's sphagnum plant is winter hearty and dates back to the Jurassic period. Through a unique set of circumstances thousands of years ago, Irish famous sphagnum moss marshes were spared extinction when the glacier covered North-Western Europe.

Celtic MossTM branded consumer products are available at lawn and garden centres throughout Ireland and Europe, Canada, Asia and North America. Many can also be ordered directly through the Celtic Moss store on this web site.