Celtic Moss located on the most extreme western part of Europe in the North Atlantic. Famous for its sceenery, thousands of acres of lonely moorelands and woodlands and of course its unpredicable weather is the perfect condition for moss to grow naturally.

Due to its vast woodlands in the west of Ireland and no human interference, mosses are untouched and of highest quality especially the Sphagnum Moss, Decorative Sphagnum Peat Moss for Gardening, Mulch . 

Irish is the land of ever changing skies. Our weather is dominated by the North Atlantic Drift current, this keeps our winters milder and gives much rainfall.  Ireland is known for its many shades of green in its landscape. This is due to the heavy rainfall and mild weather and are ideal conditions for the growth of the many differnet varieties of sphagnum mosses that can be found here.