Celtic MossTM in Erris Co Mayo is one of the largest suppliers of Moss products, Seaweed Fertilizer, Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer, Sphagnum Moss, Lichen, Topiary Nurseries etc. in Ireland and exporting to Netherlands, Finland, UK, France, Germany and all over the European Union Countries.


Seaweed  Liquid Fertilizer

Why You Need Seaweed Fertilizer - The term was first conceptualized when farmers and plant growers began using organic fertilizers more and more as opposed to commercially processed ones because of certain environmental issues. Organic fertilizers are said to be a good source of nutrients for plants in their growth cycle. Organic fertilizers maybe made from compost (the local backyard manure is one), corn meal, bone ash (great source of calcium), fish emulsion, and sea grass are excellent for farming.

The sea acts as a gigantic septic tank of the earth. It’s where every bit and pieces of trash and trace elements go to after having been flushed through rivers and streams. Seaweeds found on the ocean floor thrive on these trace elements for sustenance. It is precisely for this reason that for centuries, seaweed organic fertilizers have been used to supplement the nutrient needs of plants.

Trace elements found in seaweed organic fertilizers include magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen -- all of which are beneficial to plants. Nitrogen, for instance, is essential to the production of nitrate, a key component needed by plants during photosynthesis.

Irish Seaweed - Seaweed is an amazing fully renewable natural resource In Ireland, a country with a coastline in excess of 5,000km. It has been used as fertilizer and food by coastal dwellers for hundreds of years. Celtic Moss are providing highest level of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer  and exporting across the European Union countries. 

Celtic Moss has two types of Seaweed:

  • Seaweed Fertilizer 
  • Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Uses of Seaweed Ireland - The current uses of seaweeds in Ireland maybe summarized in the following main categories:

  1. Foods and food supplements (edible seaweeds are marketed as sea-vegetables)
  2. Fertilizers, liquid seaweed extracts, soil conditioners and animal feed supplements
  3. Raw material for seaweed polymers (alginates)
  4. Cosmetics, body-care products, thalassotherapy and medical preparations.
  5. Biotechnology and biomedicine  

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